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GQ honors Chen Kaige with lifetime achievement award

2019-06-19 13:59:44        China Daily
标签:我带 7sek 永利会ylh官网

Director Chen Kaige recently won a lifetime achievement award presented by the leading men's magazine GQ in Beijing

Hailed for his hit epic Legend of the Demon Cat, director Chen Kaige was recently presented with a lifetime achievement award by leading men's magazine GQ in Beijing.

With its 250 million yuan ($38.8 million) budget, the Sino-Japan coproduction has garnered critical acclaim and met with box office success since it opened across China on Dec 22.

The magazine awarded veteran actor Duan Yihong, recently known for the noir crime thriller The Looming Storm, Actor of the Year, while teenager star Jackson Yee Yangqianxi received the Most Popular Idol award.

The Most Accomplished Actor award went to Wu Xiubo, whose hit drama The Advisors Alliance has racked up nearly 3 billion online views to make it one of the most popular internet series this year. Actor Huang Bo took home the Most Valuable Actor award.

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